Page 67
June 11, 2019
This is the chapter where i learned that page bleeds are a THING.

If you look at the panels on this page - they're a lot further away from the edge than ones in basically any page from earlier in the comic. I LOVE full bleed pages (where the art fills up the gutters between panels and all the way to the edge of the picture). But for print, it's important to have a margin between the edge of the paper and the panels -important art will get trimmed off otherwise. I know this is pretty basic stuff, but just in case another comic artist is reading this, please do yourself a favor and look at a template. I'll need to edit/draw new borders for probably 50-60 pages should i ever get the chance to print this.

Sorry for being so dramatic last page -the tldr is that I'm FINE and still alive. The other driver's insurance ended up giving me a nice little chunk of change in return for promising not to sue, which I will be using to purchase some kind of standing desk/some other ergonomic workplace thing. my back and shoulder problems predate this mess so it's probably best to switch up the way i work anyways. drawing hunched over on the couch is slowly killing my back ahaha.. ha

I've survived my 4 back to back cons! I'm probably never gonna do that many back to back shows again LOL it was fun but exhausting. I always get pretty bad imposter syndrome before shows, but everyone was so kind! Thank you!

oh also I uhhhh.. have 95% finalized the new name O_O