Main Characters

Best Girl


Height: 5'0", 152 cm | Age: 13 (born in year 682) | Travel: No
A shy and timid girl living in the northern islands. Really likes books. Doesn't like water.


Height: 5'2", 157 cm | Age: 14 (born in year 682) | Travel: Yes
An adventurous kid living in the northern islands. He'd love nothing more than to see the world, much like his older brother Felix has. He's also hoping to collect enough books for a library to impress a certain someone.


Height: ? | Age: ? | Travel: Yes
Angry and red. Some kind of ego complex. Drip drip.


Height: 5'1", 155 cm | Age: 20 (born in year 676) | Travel: No
An irritable scientist from Selsky now working for the capital's research unit. Needs a good night's sleep.

Supporting Characters


Height: 5'9", 175 cm | Age: 19 (born in year 677) | Travel: Yes
Hadian's older brother. His job as a scout is to map and track the land losses - a job that has led him to some interesting people. Also needs a good night's sleep.