3. Palmreader
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May 30, 2019
When you forget what day of the week it is and don’t upload D:

TLDR- things are fine, for the most part. I’ll be tabling at Denver Pop Culture Con tomorrow! Welcome to chapter 3. Info pages are coming soon! I re-injured everything again.

Really wanted to make pages made for this week but tbh, I haven’t worked on pages since late April. I’ll try to have info pages up soon but I’m very behind on paid work, and I uh, kind of injured my wrist and shoulder again.

Some good life updates from this month- I have super officially (with pictures and ceremonies) graduated from college, and just got back from a convention in Raleigh - which means I’ve sold my art coast to coast in the US! I’m also close to finishing up my first paid comic job - which is weird, because making money from comics is kind of a foreign idea to me LOL. I guess I just want to say thanks again for reading my comic- I didn’t go to art school and when I started making comics almost 3 years ago my drawing skills were minimal to say the least. Almost all of my art improvement has been from comics, mostly this one, as this has been the project I’ve stuck with the longest by far.  I wish I could say I would have kept drawing and making pages even if nobody read it but I honestly don’t know if that’s true. So thanks!

A not good update - this morning as I was running errands for the convention, I got rear ended really hard. Honestly, I’m feeling pretty fortunate to walk away with only minor injuries. The other driver’s insurance seems to be taking care of the vehicle costs, which is so so important because we only have one car and really can’t afford to replace it.

I guess the reason why I’m so freaked out right now is because my wrist hit the dashboard in a really weird way and it’s hurting again. My shoulder, elbow, and back and are hurting again and I think I have some minor form of whiplash. I know it’s not the same injury as repetitive strain, but it feels almost the same. It’s like that “ah shit, here we go again” meme.

I’m living that no healthcare life, so I don’t know for certain what’s actually wrong. I’m not trying to get some huge medical bill. I know logically, that there’s a 99% chance things will feel just fine in like a week but it’s honestly really emotionally draining because it feels like I’m back to square one with all the art injuries that were JUST STARTING TO FEEL 100% again. Sorry for being kind of a downer I guess. I probably should have waited a bit to write all of this but, just, please be a little patient with me over the next few weeks. I have a tiny buffer left so nothing will be impacted right away (:

Thanks for reading