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February 23, 2021
Ahhh so close to finally uploading my new comic! I finished up the first two episodes this weekend, yay! Honestly, I'd be promoting it now but I haven't settled on a name yet. I'll put a link up in the next week or two and then do a proper promotion of it when there's at least a little bit of an archive. :))

Anyways, please check out these great spiderforest comics!

Week of February 21-28

Bump in the Night

Many are afraid of the dark, of being alone on that dark and stormy night. The things that hide in the shadows are feared. But are they necessarily deserving of the terror? You be the judge.

Arbalest - Haelu is a monster, born of the snow and the long dark. Her purpose: to bring back the sun. But, as awareness of her complex self begins to emerge, Haelu forges goals of her own. Rated M for partial nudity, blood/gore, sex, themes of abuse.

Numb - The story starts with Levi and Sue, childhood friends who have since grown apart. They attempt to meet again but right before Levi ends up in an accident that has something else behind it than just careless street crossing. Old strains are brought up and something sinister is lurking around.
[Numb Webtoon Mirror]