Page 135
January 5, 2021
Guess who has a small buffer again!

Thought I'd share some of my 2021 art related goals on here because why not -
  • Launch my second comic! This is the reason why updates have slowed down, but honestly I think it prevented burn out on Terrafold. Anyways, it's sci-fi, vertical scroll, and I've been working hard on it!
  • Covid willing, I'd like to take an in person art class. Pre covid, I saw a bunch of weekly figure drawing classes that I was way too chicken to go to but this is the yearrr
  • Learn how to draw animals- there's a dog in my sci fi comic and I've basically just been tracing picture s of my friends dog. this is not sustainable. and you don't even want to know how long those birds from the last page took
  • learn how to draw the upper lip, the objectively worst body part to draw.
  • perfect the rim lit fly-away hair :))
  • draw something traditionally, like literally anything even a doodle

  • Happy New Year!