Page 87
May 26, 2020
Thanks for coming to the new site! Here's another plug for the new RSS feed: http://terrafold.com/rss.php
So the site got a makeover! The main goal was to step away from the black and blues of the old theme. I might redo the background eventually (I stole it from the old site and put a new color map on it lol), but graphic design isn’t my strong suit and CSS makes me cry so unless something is broken (if something is, please tell me!!)…. this will do for now!
The TLDR is that the comic name had been bothering me for awhile, and I finally decided to just go through with changing it.

For anyone curious, here's a more detailed explanation,

Black Shallows was always intended to be a working title, only, I never thought of anything better when it came time to actually publish it. I don’t regret launching the comic with a name that I disliked, because I believe there’s some merit and importance in just starting something. As for the origins of the name, I watched Black Sails close to the time when I wrote the first draft of the comic, so I’m pretty sure that’s where that title came from. I disliked the abbreviation (although I suppose it’s... fitting lol), and thematically I think of dark and creepy things, which while there is definitely some of that in this comic, that’s certainly not all of the world and story I have planned.

I’ve decided to rename the comic Terrafold. Terra because…. dirt. And “fold” because that’s similar to how I’ve drawn travel … like the earth folding around the traveler. “Fold” reminds me of creating divisions in something, which vaguely connects to some themes in the story. My friend also told me it made her think of books! So that works too. There are a couple more explanations that are too spoiler heavy to mention now. I’ve sat on this name idea for almost a year now and while it’s probably not the Best Name Ever, I like it enough that I will definitely not be changing it again in the future.

Thank you for reading, I’m sorry that my comic is a pain to keep up with.