Page 78
April 14, 2020
Some changes - I've aged up Mila and Hadian - They are now 13 and 14, as opposed to 12 and 13. I rewrote a good chunk of the later part of the story and these ages make a bit more sense. I still can't draw Hadian consistently lol - some pages he looks like he's 20, others he looks like he's 8.

I've also changed my twitter/insta to kirseel from kirsylve. Kirseel is just a mashup of my first and last name. Nothing too creative- but I like that it's more simple and easy to say. Even I had no idea how to say kirsylve and I'd get a mini wave of panic anytime someone asked me to pronounce it. Kirseel is pronounced like cur-seal. Here's the new links! I'm determined to get some drawings out for mer-may on insta