Page 58
April 2, 2019
A special thanks to Keiiii, who performed some panel layout wizardry on the bottom half of the page!! It was looking pretty awful before she helped rearrange things.

I will be at Tekko in Pittsburg April 12-14! Table A35~ I've got prints, buttons, and physical at con commissions. If you're in the area please do stop by! Pages will continue as normal (:
Please check out this fundraiser organized by SpiderForest!

Thanks to over 50 webcomic creators from around the world, you get a pretty awesome reward if you donate (ANY AMOUNT! Every bit helps!) - a zine of a whole bunch of webcomic characters having a healthy and happy childhood! There's an illustration of Yasha in there, and Hadian also makes a sneaky appearance. I encourage you to head over to the fundraiser to at least read more about the project!