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March 19, 2019
I'm sure everything's FINE!!!!

Spent an unfortunate amount of time on baby name websites this week trying to name the rest of the characters @_@. I'm having such a crisis trying to find a fitting name for the last MAIN CHARACTER aghhgh. I honestly liked the working name I had for them, but I've been told it's too Obvious. I legit suck so bad at naming characters, or places. Mila was the only character name that came easy... Hadian may or may not have been a typo, and Yasha was originally going to be a guy... and then I never... changed the name.

(By the way, I updated the cast page again.. there is... an addition)

Anyways, went on here to post the comic and google ads are showing me baby strollers. It's always interesting seeing what ads play for me given the amount of weird reference material I look up

see you on tuesdayy!