Page 51
February 15, 2019
Another bump for the new RSS feed: http://blackshallows.com/rss.php

More awkward and confrontational talking, but at least nobody gets their face whacked.

In case you missed it, black shallows turned ONE yesterday. it will forever bother me if the page numbers and the url number doesn't match so I deleted the comic page/blog and merged it below ♥ (also accidentally merged the disqus threads whoooopps.. Tuesday's comments should be normal again)

They are soo proud of themselves. Despite their clothes suggesting otherwise, they actually split the work evenly. Hadian.. what… what happened buddy.


I guess my comic is out of the infancy stage now?

When transferring my archive + news posts to the new site, I was painstakingly re-familiarized with all my old pages and authors notes. It was a weird, embarrassing, and somewhat cringey journey down memory lane (this past year has been a crazy one…). But I think that’s a good thing, you know? It would be bad if we looked back on stuff we did a year ago (or almost two years, for pages 1-5 :O… yes.. it really did take me a year to draw 5 pages), and thought “yep. As good as the stuff I’m doing now!”. I hope to have a similar reaction next year. (Also, you could clearly see the exact week I ran out of buffer pages and never really recovered LOL). ALSO I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU GUYS LET ME HAVE A TYPO ON PAGE !!ONE!! FOR A /YEAR/.

As always, thanks for reading and commenting. It’s always cool to be reaffirmed that I’m not throwing pages into the Void. This comic is a tiny, tiny blip in the webcomic world, yet we’re a year in and there’s honestly more readers than I ever thought there’d be. Ever. So thanks!