Page 43
December 13, 2018
TLDR: -Going on break until January 10th , and then regular updates on **TUESDAYS** after that!

-I'll be at SacAnime AA-H13

Hello! I'd like to thank you all for being so patient with my train wreck of an update schedule these last couple months. I feel like I've been complaining about school non-stop, but this semester has been a little heavy in the academic work department. I have a mountain of school work I need to get done in the next week so I need a break from the comic....

and I'm graduating! It feels odd to type out. I had my last class last night. I still have a lot of finals including a (!!!) 20 page business plan I need to write, and a whole load of computer science topics to learn, by next wednesday, oh my god. This also means I'm moving again, and need to pack and all of that good stuff. I'm also visiting my dad/going back to Massachusetts, and from there to SacAnime. I don't wanna bring my cintiq on that many flights and certainly not to a convention so I'll be without my tablet for a couple of weeks.

Instead, I'll focus on fixing some nagging things, like finally making a proper cast page, redesigning the website, and penciling the rest of the chapter. Hopefully this will speed up the comic updates and we SHOULD be back to a regular, timely update schedule when I return.

I can't thank y'all enough for reading, it does mean a lot. I hope you don't forget about the comic, and I'm wishing you all happy holidays! I will have some holiday art posted by xmas eve and I'll probably share a few more news/updates then. Some exciting things are happening that impact the comic!

Thanks for reading,