Page 41
November 26, 2018
Double spread update! I realized that I never really showed what Hadian/Felix's island actually looks like (or that it was an island).. so it was about time. Plus, I really love drawing night colors :) Thanksgiving was good. I didn't do a whole lot of comic stuff, and almost no drawing. Instead, I ate a lot, caught up on some sleep, and finally wrote the rest of the script for this chapter ;__;. I'm awful at writing dialog so I always procrastinate making the actual final version of the script, even if I know the plot. Oops.

More con news: I GOT INTO ACEN! I'm so //freakkkinnn// excited!! I literally squealed when I got the email (in public), it was embarrassing. ACEN is one of those shows that I've idolized since I moved to Illinois and I'm really really thrilled to sell there. I also will be at U-Chi con on February 9th. I have a list of all the cons in the "about" page of the website.

I've also realized that I only have about THREE WEEKS LEFT of my undergrad!!!!!!! I'm too weirded out by this realization to say more at this moment.