Page 38
October 27, 2018
Yasha realizes the waters deep, and contemplates throwing some people overboard.

I hope it hasn't been too obvious over the course of the comic so far, but I take and use a lot of reference photos. Over the past couple months I've realized that they've turned from being a tool to more of a crutch, so I've been putting in some extra effort to try and actually methodically practice figure drawing. This page was drawn completely without reference photos. And, while some things definitely look a little wonky, it's a big step for me! I'm obviously not against using tools and references to help speed things up, but I think it's super important for my skills to step away from them for a bit.... here's to .. actually learning how to draw! Lol

In other news, I'm going to optimistically say that I'll (probably) be at SacAnime on January 4-6, 2019!. I'm currently 4th on the waitlist, which has been moving prettyyyy fast. I haven't been to California in ... awhile! And I'm hoping this show will kick my butt into full art mode for the new year. Crossing my fingers that I'll actually get a table!