Page 37
October 20, 2018
It's finally done! Lately, I've been feeling like my art has been plateauing/deteriorating, so I've been trying to experiment with more with textured brushes. I'm not sure how apparent the textures are in this page- but I'm just trying to get out of this art funk. Hrrghh.

I also am excited to announce my first confirmed convention of 2019 - IndyPopCon in Indianapolis, IN! I have a LOT of applications for conventions under review rn, and I'm hoping to at least get in SOME of them... fingers crossed!

In personal news, I made the brave decision to keep my super hard (to me) CS course this semester-- it's my very last one to complete my minor and I know that past me and future and me would have been very disappointed if I had actually dropped the course. Unfortunately, it'll probably mean there's a lot of weeks where the page is late, but I have no buffer currently and it's just something that can't be helped. Please bear with me these next two months ;__;.