Page 36
October 10, 2018
Edit 10/16: It's looking like a Thursday update folks, as I am currently getting obliterated by my comp architecture course ;____; got a test for that course tonight (rip), and I'll work on the page after~

As a reminder, I've got an RSS feed: http://blackshallows.com/comic/rss and a twitter: https://twitter.com/kirsylve so you'll know as soon as I post the page~ sorry sorry, I'm bad at time management.

WOOO only a couple hours late! This means that I'll have a full week to work on the next page, NICE.

Here we get some explanations, and we get a tiny glimpse of what the capital looks like. ( I should probably go in and add a few more characters to populate out that panel.. but I am.. tired >.>) I'm sure we'll explore around there some more later on in the story.

For some reason, coloring this page took me so long, which is strange because it's usually the fastest part of the whole process - I was trying to decide what color palette would look best on the bottom right panel, and it just took forever haha.

I'm super super excited to get back to the village, it's been so long! I miss those characters D':

Just a couple more pages!