Page 31
September 3, 2018
EDIT: Oof I forgot to mention... "< >" indicates that they're speaking in a different language than the other characters in the comic.

Heyyy, would you look at that! An on time page~. I didn't get as far ahead on comic page buffers as I would have liked. I unfortunately got waaay too into watching the Great British Baking Show on netflix, and yeah, it took me awhile to make this page (almost all of season 4 >.>)

Fun fact: The woman from this scene (yes, she's a woman), was the last main character to be created for the story, and a lot of the major changes to the plot I mentioned in earlier blog posts were made to incorporate her storyline. I think that it adds a cool perspective, and I gotta say, she's probably tied with being my current favorite. Maybe, one day, she wont have a permanent scowl plastered on her face. No promises.