Page 26
July 30, 2018
Part 2 of 2 part update.

Hello! This is the end of chapter 1.... it's a pretty big milestone for me and I'm super excited to have finally made it!

TLDR: Chapter 2 starts August 14th! (I will try to post some "info"/worldbuilding pages between now and then... but we'll see). Overall happy with first chapter, but will try to learn from the many... many.. mistakes I made on Ch 1 :]

As I think I've mentioned in the past, I "started" this comic spring of 2017. While the plot has changed a lot, the general premise was the same. I made some test panels which feature a really early design of Felix and Hadian. You can see them if you vote for the comic on TWC ;)


I remember it took me like 2 days to paint that xD... so I decided to scrap the painterly style and ditch the vertical scroll format I was aiming for. I ended up getting sidetracked by school and other life stuff, and didn't pick up the project again until last summer. I made and posted pages 3 - 7, but my tablet broke and that kind of stopped all momentum. Soooo I didn't get around to actually posting the comic until this February! The plot has changed a lot throughout all these restarts, and not wanting to stuck in reboot hell (been there, done that)... I've kind of just kept... adding scenes to the first chapter.

Overall, I'm proud of the comic so far, but some parts of the chapter even gave ME whiplash from all the scene changes lol. I'm definitely gonna sit down and really get the plot and dialogue locked down for chapter 2.

Chapter 2 starts on August 14. It should be shorter than chapter 1.

Thanks for reading!!!