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June 18, 2018
Temporary edit: 6/26's page will be uploaded by Wednesday at 8 pm American central time! It's currently 3:30 am and I am too tired to finish it. See ya then! x_x

Nerds find books in this week's update. Also, I finally got around to adding Mila to the cast page.

In other news it was hot as heck this weekend in Chicago, so I basically stayed in the entire time working on my comic. I'm finally falling into the routine of going to work 40 hrs + making a comic, and tbh I'm doing a lot better than I anticipated. After moving back from Europe, I tried really hard not to rotate back too much in terms of sleeping time - so I can still wake up easily at 5 AM and work on my art stuff for a couple hours before going off to the Real Job.

...Which is really good because I have a lot of work to do! I signed up for Anime Midwest way back in the winter on a whim and now I'm kinnnddd of in a mad dash to get all my merch together. I'm working really hard on some fanart as well as some Black Shallows themed stuff to bring to the show, and I'll finally set up a storenvy or something to sell stuff online as well. SO MANY THINGS need to happen in the next few weeks ahhHH.