Page 19
June 11, 2018
Early page! What's in the box? Hadian would very much like it to be a book, but who knows what kind of strange things get left behind in old(?) caves. And who's stuff is this?

Tune back in next tuesday to find out.

Edit: Oop I forgot to mention - I redid the dialogue *again* on pages 3-7. Nothing *drastic* has changed, but I had actually written/drawn the beginning part of this chapter waaay back in summer 2017! And a lot of the plot has changed since then. Now that I have a pretty clear direction and summary of the story, some of the things the Hadian and Felix talked about weren't really relevant anymore. No need to rush back and read it, but if you DO happen to re-read it and think "this doesn't sound familiar", you're not wrong.

I am REALLY excited for this chapter to end because it's just kind of a milestone? And as of my current thumbnails.... we are about 7 pages away!!! A few pages left of this scene, and 2 mini scenes and we are OUT. I'll be making some information pages to post at the end of the chapter.