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March 16, 2021
Heyyy I have no promo art ready, but it feels weird to NOT share this; so here goes: I launched a new comic!

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SEQUENCE is a science fiction comic about a multi-universe spanning organization searching for a hypothetical paradise. (And also a young man and his doggo trying their best, learning about life).


It's my first attempt at trying vertical scroll. I've been reading a disgusting amount of webtoons lately, and I think the format has really grown on me.

Basically this the result of me listening to too many space podcasts last summer and some questionable at best interpretations of a couple multiverse theories. It kind of started as a space AU of Terrafold so there's definitely some similarities? If you like Terrafold you'll hopefully like this new comic! The main character may or may not look like Hadian and Felix's long lost brother. I can't unsee it now.

Also please check out these spider forest comics!

Week of Mar 8-13

Welcome to the Post Apocalypse

”This is the way the world ends, this is the way the world ends…” with ice and vampires and savages. These very different takes on the world after the apocalypse comes and goes will satisfy just about any dystopian fanatic!

Gifts of Wandering Ice
Gifts of Wandering Ice - Ancient things people find in melting icebergs.

Ten Earth Shattering Blows
Ten Earth Shattering Blows - (MATURE) - tells the story of two very different women, a noblewoman and a brutish warrior, forced to travel together in a desert full of ruthless slavers and lizard-riding assassins.
[Ten Earth Shattering Blows Webtoon Mirror]

The Devil's Own
The Devil's Own - Dominic is a second generation Devil's Own, a cadre of dhampirs sworn to protect their vampire lord and father from all threats. When visitors arrive from the United Territories, his world gets turned on its ear.

Week of March 14-20

Look to the Future

Whether that future holds caring robot nannies (and other occupations) or the promise of a technology long since lost to the planet, this week’s comics explore the hopeful possibilities and grim consequences of progress

Now Recharging
Now Recharging - A story about living in an ordinary world... but as a sentient/sapient robot! Emmie is a sheep-loving android who is bad at math and worried about nonexistence. Designed to learn naturally with no apparent end application, they navigate the ups, downs and questions of life like the adventure it truly is!

O Sarilho
O Sarilho - An ancient satellite, thought to be in orbit for over 500 years, crashes into enemy territory. The Kirchhoff brothers are sent on a mission to recover its remains, but they end up finding something else entirely… And the locals have an eye on it too.