Page 95
July 7, 2020
...and it tasted gross. Hey, Yasha and her dad were just talking about this!

Hi all!

I guess it’s time to fess up on something - I’ve been editing chapter 1 and a tiny amount of chapter 2. Most of it was art changes or minor plot details I don't thiiink anyone noticed, but there was one relatively important story change that does impact this scene and the next chapter. I don’t expect you guys to re-read 100 pages, so I’ve summarized the changes below.

The dialogue/story changes were posted around mid May, so if you started reading after that, you’re probably good to go. The art I’ve been updating over the past week or two.

  1. The biggest change was Felix’s conversation with the hooded/red character from chapter one. It’s only a couple pages so it may be worth re-reading, especially for this scene (and coming chapter), but essentially in the original version his relationship with them was a lot more vague… they were asking Felix to “join them”. In the updated version, Felix is a sketchy sketchy dude who is QUITTING whatever totally legal and morally just schemes Red is plotting.

  2. There’s travelers in the south. Hadian + co live in a remote northern part of the world. I don’t think I ever explicitly said there WEREN’T travelers there in the original, but in this version it is outright stated. The village elders call them “monsters”.

  3. In the original, “the capital”, “the crown”, and a city called “Talheim” were all used interchangeably. I decided to separate Talheim and the capital. They aren’t the same city anymore. This is more clear in updated pages. “The crown” is the governing body that rules over… everything. I wish… I could come up with better names for these

  4. There were some inconstancies in Chapter 2 when characters were talking about “King or Prince Lyal”. It’s been corrected to just “King”.

  5. I erased some of the really small islands around where Felix + Hadian were exploring in the very beginning of chapter 1. It made it seem like those islands were in the middle of a collapse, which they weren’t (at the start anyways). The landscape just has a lot of small islands.

Non-story updates:
  1. Fixed awkward wording in a lot of pages throughout chapter 1

  2. Re-drew a lot of character heads.. Felix + Hadian were almost unrecognizable.. and the expressions were just so awful ahhhh. it had to be done. (I'm planning on re-drawing probably all of the heads in chapter 1 eventually, not on the top of my priority list right now. I've fixed the worst offenders)

For future historians, you can find the old version on my comic fury mirror that I accidentally abandoned: http://blackshallows.thecomicseries.com/

Yeah, this isn’t the best way of correcting plot issues, but coming back to the comic after almost a year this spring gave me some time to think of better ideas. There was a lot of … where was I going with this again?? Doing a small ret con seemed like the best way of steering what I’d already done to the right direction.

Sorry and i won’t use this cheat code again in the future!